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w/c 18th April 2022
This Week at Downend

This Week at Downend, Nursery have been celebrating the Queen's birthday by making their own crowns. The children chose from a variety of resources such as feathers, pom poms and sequins - carefully gluing them down wherever they wanted to make a crown as individual as they are!

Babies have also spent lots of time outside in the gardens! In the Nursery rooftop garden the children had lots of fun exploring bubbles, watching as the grown ups made the bubbles appear and following them as they floated around in the air, trying to catch them - pop!

In the lower garden some babies have been exploring nature, looking closely at the flowers and trees. They noticed the trees are beginning to grow new leaves, and the adults talked about the colours of the flowers we could see!

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Kindergarten also had lots of fun celebrating the Queen's birthday. They got stuck into a sensory tray, feeling the different textures of soft cotton wool and crinkly shiny foil crown! The children also explored mark making in the art studio, drawing their own portraits. 

There were more sensory activities this week as the children explored an underwater themed tray! The children played with the squishy water beads, scooping them up with tools and experimenting with moving them around the tray. They also role played with the toy animals, imagining them swimming around in the 'sea'!

In the garden the children also explored sand this week, trying out the different tools and resources available. Some children learned how to use the molds to create shapes, whilst some used rakes and spades to draw lines across the surface!

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Pre-School this week have been exploring their Doctor's role play area. Some children chose to play with peers, interacting imaginatively as they took the roles of doctor and patient! Whereas one group decided to look after the toy dolls, checking them all over with temperatures and stethoscopes and making them feel better!

Some children spent lots of time at the water exploratory tray this week. They tried a variety of measuring jugs and bottles, pouring water between them and developing early mathematics skills by testing out size, shape and volume!

Pre-School have also been experimenting with paint this week, independently choosing which colours they wanted to use. They used brushes to make marks on paper, discovering that colours can blend and mix together to create new ones!

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