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w/c 15th November 2021
This Week at Downend

Downend have been taking part in lots of activities relating to Road Safety Week! You can find out more by visiting the Brake website. 

Nursery have been exploring road safety using the small world resources. The children moved the cars around the rug, following the roads carefully and navigating around the obstacles.

They also explored books about the different types of vehicle - it has buttons on the side that play the sound of lorries, buses, bikes and more! This is great for helping children gain understanding of the outside world and keeping safe. They also explored the mini traffic lights, observing as the lights changed from red to amber to green!

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Kindergarten this week have also been exploring the miniature traffic lights! The children talked about what different kinds of colours they could see, and what they represent. They had a go at following the instructions of 'Stop' and 'Go' with toy cars, and explored making artwork with red, orange and green paints!

Kindergarten have also been taking part in lots of Children in Need related activities. Some children explored a tray full of yellow dough, using teddy bear shaped stamps to make their own Pudseys! Some children tried colouring in a Pudsey Bear, choosing independently which colours to use and how to decorate him! 

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This week Pre-School have been in the mud kitchen making a delicious meal! As a group the children studied the recipe for 'Leaf Soup', noting the different ingredients and trying to find them in the garden. The children did a great job of following the different steps to the recipe and working together!

Pre-School also got the chance to explore some of the new outdoor musical equipment that had been delivered this week! The children used drumsticks to hit the various drums and triangles, discovering the different noises they could make. They also worked out they could change how loud or quiet the sound was depending on how hard they hit them! 

For Road Safety Week Pre-School have also been role playing in the garden. The children talked about how we behave whilst walking near cars to stay safe. They then dressed up as police officers and lollipop people, and took turns to be pedestrians crossing the racetrack! 

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