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w/c 14th March 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, our babies celebrated St Patricks day. The children chose from a variety of craft resources such as pom poms, crayons and sequins - all green of course! The children tried glueing pieces down onto the paper, and experimented with making different marks with the crayons. 

Some babies really enjoyed a dinosaur themed tray this week! There were lots of different textures to explore, and the children used their hands to pick up different materials. They moved the toy dinosaurs around the tray with their adults, particularly enjoying making them "roar"! 

There has been plenty of fun outside this week as the babies have been exploring the newly re-opened sandpit! They tried out all the different tools and toys, digging with spades and moving the toy trucks across the sand.

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Kindergarten this week have also been taking part in some St Patrick's Day activities! They used green paint and tissue paper to create shamrock shaped collages, deciding independently where to place each piece and sharing their ideas with peers. 

Some children took part in a science experiment this week in the garden! They watched carefully as the adults explained what they were going to do - what do you think will happen when we add these two ingredients together? They saw the mixture fizz and spill and noticed it looked just like a volcano!

Kindergarten also had a trip to the Curiosity Room this week. They explored all the different resources, particularly enjoying the analogue telephones and typewriters, and taking part in activities on the interactive whiteboard!

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This week Pre-School have been making bubbles! First the children searched the garden to find sticks to make the wands, and attached pipe cleaners to the top. They then helped the adults make the mixture, adding washing up liquid to water and giving it a good stir. The children then took turns dipping their wands into the mix and making some really big bubbles!

Back inside some children have been exploring the mathematics resources. They practiced counting to ten with an adult, and used the wooden stackers toys to visualise how the numbers get larger and larger!

Pre-School also took part in a science experiment this week, making magic milk! The children helped the adults add food colouring to the bowl of milk. They were then amazed as they added washing up liquid and the colours moved and twirled around on the surface!

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