w/c 14th February 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend there's been some very changeable weather - but earlier this week the children ventured in the garden to explore the rain! The babies dressed up in their waterproofs and explored the different ways rain can gather and move. They found streams and puddles hidden on the tables and steps, and had lots of fun making big splashes!

Back indoors there have been lots of sensory invitations to play. Some babies explored a Valentines themed tray full of squishy spaghetti! The children used spoons to stir the mixture, revealing the hearts dotted around, and picked up handfuls to feel the different textures!

Some children also investigated a tray full of a variety of ingredients - baked beans, flour, baking powder and more! The children picked up the different elements and experimented with mixing them together, spooning the mixture into bowls and cupcake cases.

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This week Kindergarten have been celebrating the start of the Winter Olympics! The children played a matching game, looking at images of different sporting activities and pairing them up. The children focused really well and the adults supported their growing vocabulary by naming the sports as they matched them up!

Some children also learned about Waitangi Day - the national day of New Zealand! The children learned about how we celebrate the day, and created their own feather masks. They watched closely as the adults showed them how to use the glue on the paper, then chose from different coloured feathers to decorate the masks!

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Pre-School this week have been learning about their emotions! As a group the children talked about the different feelings they might have, and what facial expressions we use to show our emotions. They then used mirrors to try out some expressions, and created self portraits of their faces!

In the dining room some children took part in a food tasting session! The children listened to the book 'Handa's Surprise' and afterwards were given the opportunity to try fruits such as mangos, pineapple and passionfruit! The children were great at having a try, and afterwards discussed their favourite flavours. 

Back upstairs some children have loved the construction bricks! They are a little smaller than the other construction resources, so the children paid great attention to what they were building and used brilliant fine motor skills to stack and build their towers.

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