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w/c 13th September 2021
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery have been exploring their new dedicated sensory area! There have been lots of different activities for them to dive into. Some children squished and squeezed a tray full of jelly, picking up pieces and role playing with the toy dinosaurs. At floor level the babies have been playing with shredded paper – practicing their throwing skills with big handfuls, up into the air! The children also explored a farmyard themed tray, filled with animals, vehicles and different cereals as the hay and straw. Nursery also had a visit from the stick insects! Jacqui brought them in so they could help to clean their tank. As they did, the children looked carefully at the insects, holding them very carefully and replacing the leaves and twigs they hide in!

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Kindergarten this week have been learning about doctors! The children explored a medical tray, full of different tools and resources for them to explore. The children looked through the x-rays and clipboards, and role played with the thermometers and stethoscopes! Out in the September sunshine children have been expressing themselves, mixing together chalk paints and using paintbrushes to make amazing shapes and patterns! Back inside in the yurt, Kindergarten have been learning all about different shapes. The children explored the wooden pieces, discussing as a group what makes all the shapes different – how many corners does it have? Are the edges curved or straight? The children then used the pieces to trace around, creating the shapes on paper!

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This week Pre-School have been learning all about teeth! As a group the children explored using toothbrushes, discussing how we clean our teeth at home. They also talked about what types of food make your teeth strong and healthy! In the art studio some children made lots of artwork inspired by the book Rainbow Fish. They looked through the book and pictures, discussing all the different colours on the scales. The children then used brightly coloured to paints to decorate their own fish! Out in the garden Pre-School have been exploring the mud kitchen utensils – they discovered that they could upturn them to make them into drums. They experimented with using spoons and tools to make different noises, loud and quiet!

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