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w/c 13th December 2021
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, nursery have been exploring all the new garden equipment. The children had a go at tackling all of the physical resources - crawling through the tunnel, picking up the wheelbarrow and navigating the varying heights of the balance beam! The children had their adults their to support them if needed but also explored independently too. 

Back inside babies have also spent lots of time on the baby gym this week! This equipment also presents lots of challenges and ways to promote physical development. The children walked and crawled over the bumpy surfaces, bridges and steps, changing how they moved each time to navigate themselves over safely!

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Kindergarten have been getting into the festive spirit, making Christmas decorations! The children were invited to use fluffy pom poms to decorate their paper tree, using glue to stick them down. The children sat together and discussed what they were doing out loud, naming the colours of the pom poms and counting them out!

The children also had a turn on the outdoor resources this week, particularly enjoying the construction blocks! They used their amazing imaginations to create lots of different objects, role playing with their peers!

Kindergarten also explored a Peppa Pig Winter wonderland sensory tray! There were lots of different materials to explore - fluffy cotton balls, dusty flour, and small world toys! The children focused really well, picking up the different things in the tray and role playing with them.


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Pre-School have been getting crafty this week! Some children made their own Christmas wreaths in the art studio. They took their paper plates, which had a hole cut in the centre of them, and used glue to stick down pieces of green tissue paper all the way around! 

Some children also made Christmas cards. They could choose from lots of different resources to decorate the front - some chose to make paint handprints, some used sequins and glitter! Once the front was finished the children talked about who they wanted to send their cards too, and even tried writing their own names inside!

Pre-School also explored a Nativity tray this week! The different characters were all labelled, so the children explored each person and their name to encourage letter recognition. They then read the Nativity book to see if they could spot each of the characters from it on the tray!

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