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w/c 11th October 2021
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, babies have been developing their motor skills with some mark making! The children explored a tray drizzled with paint and lined with tin foil. The babies held the paintbrushes using the palmar grip, helping to develop the muscles they will use for early writing. The children experimented with swirling the paints together – even creating brand new colours! Out in the garden there have been more masterpieces created, as the children explored the natural textures of pine cones, leaves and sticks. The babies tried dipping the objects into paint, observing the various marks and patterns they left on paper! Back inside some babies really enjoyed making funny faces. They experimented with moving their expressions around, seeing the changes reflected on the camera – how funny!

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Kindergarten this week have also been getting creative with paint! They used special ‘bulb’ shaped brushes, that fit their hands perfectly and allow for even better control. The children were given the chance to express themselves, choosing independently which colours they wanted to use and creating beautiful paintings. In the yurt children have been exploring the role play costumes – a perfect opportunity to practice dressing themselves! In their costumes the children played together, explaining their roles and interacting with their peers. Kindergarten also took part in a sensory activity with soft, squishy foam! The children were very confident, mixing the foam together with spoons and their hands!

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This week Pre-School went on a bug hunt in the garden! The children searched high and low for different mini-beasts, and were very brave when they found them – demonstrating great care and empathy by using gentle hands to pick them up, and putting them back where they were found. The children then used clay to create their own creepy crawlies, shaping the mixture – then having the great idea of adding sticks and pebbles as decoration! Back inside, Pre-School have been getting stuck into a variety of Autumn themed activities. The children explored a tray full of conkers, wood slices and leaves. Pre-School used tweezers to pick up and move the conkers around, a delicate process that requires lots of focus and precision! The children have also been getting stuck into lots of mathematic activities too. They have been practicing writing their numbers, both on paper and on the interactive whiteboard in the curiosity room!

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