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w/c 10th January 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery have been enjoying mark making in new ways - experimenting with footprint painting! The children were very brave, dipping their feet into the different colours and observing the various marks and patterns they could make. 

Some children have also been developing their mathematics skills, exploring the shape jigsaw. The children focused really well, looking carefully at each shape and working out where it should fit!

Nursery have also loved exploring their new lock and fastener book! It presents all sort of challenges, as it is full of zips, buckles and toggles. Not only is it great for developing fine motor skills, they can utilise these skills as they grow and begin to dress themselves!

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Kindergarten this week have been exploring the lower garden! They wrapped up warm for lots of outdoor play in the sunshine, climbing over and through the physical equipment. Some children observed the shadows that were cast onto the walls - they then spent some time moving different parts of their bodies, and watching as the shadows changed with it!

Back inside Kindergarten have been busy in the art studio, getting creative with paper plates! The children could choose from lots of different materials, picking out sequins, glitter or pipe cleaners to glue down to make a beautiful collage. 

This week the children also loved playing with their new Peppa Pig small world toys! They focused really well, exploring the different parts and how they moved and using their imaginations to tell stories to the grown ups. 

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This week Pre-School had a go at archaeology, exploring a dinosaur themed tray! The children used paintbrushes to move and sweep the sand, discovering the different toys and dinosaur footprints that were hidden underneath. The children were so proud of their discoveries!

Things got very messy in the art studio this week, as Pre-School explored a table full of shredded paper and 3D shapes! The children had so much fun throwing handfuls into the air and watching it fall, and discussed all the various shapes they could find. 

Pre-School have also been exploring colour this week, experimenting with mark making and mixing paints. The children decided which colours they wanted to use first, and used the rollers to mix everything together and make marks onto paper!

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