w/c 9th October 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery, we explored a compost tray in the rooftop garden! We explored moving the compost, using plant pots to scoop, lift, and place the soil back in the tray. We even incorporated using the spades to add the soil to our plant pots, encouraging our hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!

Back inside in the art room, we got in the Autumnal spirit with a conker rolling, mark-making activity! The adults added paint and conkers to a tray, and we explored lifting, shaking, and tipping the tray. As we did this the conkers rolled all over the paper leaving an interesting pattern!

We also went on a trip to the Library this week! We explored the interactive whiteboard, particularly enjoying the farm game. We used the stylus to press various animals on the screen, noticing the different noises they made!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been working on our target practice! We used spray bottles filled with water and experimented with 'shooting' the spray onto our painted target. If we didn't quite hit the mark, we changed our approach - moving closer, or to side, to see if that helped!

In the art area, we have been getting creative with paint! We used a variety of resources to make marks on paper - brushes, vehicles, and toy animals! They all made different patterns, lines and shapes and we focused well to fill up the entire piece of paper!

In the top garden, we spent a lot of time on the balance beams and climbing equipment! This is great for developing our core strength, gross motor skills, and coordination.

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This week in Pre-School we have got into the Halloween spirit, making some saltdough spiders! First of all, we collected our pipe cleaners - our adults explained these would be the spider legs, and we counted them up to make sure we had the right amount! We then added them to our black dough and a pair of googly eyes completed the look!

We also worked together to make our own fidget toys! This required lots of concentration as we used the funnel to pour flour into the balloon. Once it was securely tied, we tried squeezing and moving the balloons!

We also spent some time learning about our Oral Health. We explored the dentist's tools - some of them we recognised, like the toothbrush, and we mimed brushing our teeth. Some we weren't sure about, so the adults explained what they all do - and that you might see them when you visit the Dentist!

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