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w/c 8th January 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we explored some cloud dough scented like apples! It’s a very soft consistency, a bit like playdough. We used cutters, rollers, and shapes to play with it. We took a liking to the cutter rollers, and enjoyed pushing them back and forth to create marks in the dough.

We have been testing our new crayons, equipped with a handle so we can hold them more securely. We tried tapping them onto the paper and then dragging them across to make lots of different marks.

We also tried out our new magnetic fishing game, our adult showed us what to do and we had a go holding the magnetic rod over the fish and collecting them up in our bowls. We talked about all the different fishes we could see!

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We enjoyed the dinosaur swamp tuff tray this week! We used our hands to feel the different textures and mix them all together. We stomped the dinosaurs and made marks in the “swamp”.

We have been down to the dining room with our peers. An adult covered the table with paper and added paint all over the paper. We used the paint brushes to paint the paper and we also used our hands to mix the paint!

We also went to the top garden and had lots of fun balancing on the balancing beans and taking turns to go down the slide!

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This week we spoke about our baby teeth, and that when they fall out we will get our adult teeth that we be in our mouths our whole lives! We spoke about decay, and what might happen if we don’t brush our teeth properly. We then looked at the dentist tool belt, looking at all the different tools that could be used whilst at the dentist.

We also spoke about reflections this week! First we looked at ourselves in the mirror to see what we looked like, and then we made a picture by painting one side and then folding the paper over to get a print.

We also experimented with making slime! We had clear glue, paint, conditioner and an activator. Liza made a little bit to demonstrate and we all felt it and stretched it and squeezed it. We then had a little go ourselves. We had our own pot and added the ingredients to it, we used our hands to mix it!

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