w/c 7th August 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery, some of the children went on a trip to the local library with some children from Pre-School! We enjoyed doing some mark making at the table and also picked out our own books out to have a look at, we sat down and enjoyed reading through the books independently.

In the art studio, there was an invitation to take part in some messy play with shaving foam and dinosaurs! We explored the different textures in the tray and found it funny when we put the foam on top of the dinosaurs heads.

We’ve also had lots of fun out in the garden playing in the sand pit, drawing pictures and building towers with the foam building blocks.    

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This week in Kindergarten we had a fun activity set up in the art studio. We had a big ice cream that needed decorating! We used pipettes to fill the ice cream scopes with colour, we had to squeeze the pipette in the paint tray to collect the coloured water and then squeeze it onto the paper. We watched as the colours spread and talked about our favourite flavoured ice cream.

Up in the top garden, our mud kitchen was open for potion making! We enjoyed making potions with our friends by adding some sunflower petals in to cups and bowls of water. Some of us were making “soup”, when we were asked what flavour it was, one us replied “It’s brown and yellow and orange”.

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We decided that we wanted to do some reading in Pre-School this week, so we got our core book approach book down - The Smeds and the Smoos we got the crochet characters down and we spoke about them and their names. We read the story looking at the pictures and talking about what we could see.

We’ve had lots of trips out this week which we have been super excited about. Some of us have been to the park, where we climbed on the apparatus and had our snack and some of us went to the library, where we could sit quietly and read a book. We’re looking forward to some more trips next week!

In the front garden, we got to build our very own obstacle course, we had to think carefully about if jumping, hopping or crawling was the best way of travelling!

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