w/c 6th May 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we took part in an activity all about dentists and brushing our teeth! We joined in picking up the toothbrushes, adding toothpaste to make sure we were cleaning the teeth properly. We even showed our adults our smiles too!

With this beautiful sunny weather have have spent lots of time exploring the garden. Some of us explored the toy dinosaurs, using our imaginations to move the toys along and make roaring noises!

We also took part in some outdoor painting! We were inspired by nature, using flowers with wilting petals. The adults supported us to put aprons on and we tried dabbing the petals into paint, creating lots of marks and patterns!

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This week in Kindergarten we went up to the top garden to do some planting! We filled up our pots with soil and added sunflower seeds and water. We talked about what seeds need to grow, and how we can make sure they get lots of water and sunshine!

To cool off in the sunshine we have been exploring our water trays. We found the toy animals, using our imaginations to make them leap and splash in the water. We also used the watering cans and measuring tools, pouring water from one tray to another!

Back inside we have enjoyed some watercolour painting. We listened as the adults explained how watercolours work, and we tried dipping our brushes into water and then the paint. We would start with one colour, then added others on top - the colours would then blend and create new ones!

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This week Pre-School Liza inspired us with a masking tape activity! She encouraged us to stick our tape down over paper in different patterns. Picking up the edge of the tape was quite tricky, but we tried really hard and knew we could ask for help if needed! Once we added the tape we painted all over the whole piece - then once it was dry, carefully peeled the tape off. We thought it was 'magic'! 

We also took part in a little experiment using water, shaving foam and food colouring. Zoe filled a bowl with water and added shaving foam to the top and we discussed how it looked like ice cream and the clouds. We then took turns to use pipettes to add different food colouring to the bowl - it looked a bit like rain drops. We watched the water underneath change colour as the different colours mixed together - it was so much fun! When we had added lots of different colours we got a piece of paper and pressed it on top to create a different kind of picture! 

We also spent lots of time in the sunshine, we made sure to check our our vegetable patch! We were pleasantly surprised to see pea shoots coming up in the planter. We watered them and hung up the CDs we decorated to help scare off the birds looking at the reflections.

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