w/c 4th March 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in the Nursery room, we have been enjoying eating and painting with fruit! We started off by having some for snack - and then with some of the left overs we thought it would be fun to paint with them instead of throwing them out straight away. An adult prepared the fruit and paint for us to then dip the fruit into the paint palettes and we had lots of fun printing onto the paper.

We also spent lots of time out in the garden, the sun was shining and it made us all so happy! Some of us explored the water tray in the rooftop garden and some of us went to the bottom garden to explore the climbing frame.

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This week in Kindergarten, we made the most of the nice sunny weather and spent lots of time outside exploring the garden! We also had a fun activity set up with playdough printers in the garden. We all had some playdough and talked about the different prints on the printers, we really enjoyed seeing how the prints turned out!

In the Art Studio, some of us used bobbins to make marks and create. We selected the colour paint we wanted, then dipped the bobbins into the paint and pushed them onto the paper. We had lots of fun creating our pictures!

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This week in Pre-School, the children noticed that new soil had been put into our planters in the front garden. This started a conversation around the changes in weather and seasons and the lifecycle of plants. We then went onto plant our own sunflowers – we can’t wait to see them grow!

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day! We had lots of different activities to choose from - some of us made ‘owl ice cream’, whilst others enjoyed the book ‘Mrs Honey’s Hat’. Some of us had a go at designing clothes for the ‘Smallest Giant in Town’.

In the dining room, a group of us had the opportunity to make our own smoothies, the whole process was great fun! We started by chopping the fruit and then putting our ingredients onto the blender – it was very loud! We then sat down together to enjoy our smoothies.

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Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

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