w/c 4th December 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we wrote our letters to Santa! We used the paint dabbers to create our letter and we got so excited when it came to posting our letter through the letterbox!

Our tuff tray had a Christmas tree made out of shaving foam in it, and was decorated with pom poms and baubles. We dived in with spoons and bowls, scooping up the foam and the decorations and had great fun exploring all the different textures.

We also had another fun texture to explore – jelly bath! It was super slimy but also really soft to touch. We had nets and spades to dig through the jelly bath and had fun tipping it out again to watch it plop back into the tray!

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This week in Kindergarten we designed our own crowns for Christmas Dinner Day! We glued sequins and pom poms to our crown and then an adult stapled it together for us to wear while having our dinner. We also wore our Christmas jumpers so we were really in the Christmas spirit!

We have used Christmas cookie cutters to mark make as part of our Christmas crafts that we will bring home soon! We enjoyed dipping the cutters into the paint and then pushing the cutters onto our paper.

Our adults took our pictures in front of the Christmas tree which we decorated together, we gave our best smiles for the camera! 

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This week in Pre-School we talked about what Christmas means to us and we demonstrated this through illustrations on a big roll of paper. We talked about Santa and whet he may bring us on Christmas Day!

For our Christmas Dinner, we made our festive crowns that we wore at the dinner table, we also had a picture next to the Christmas tree to show our parents!

Outside in the garden, we made our own Christmas tree but this time we used natural resources that we found within the garden.

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