CD B 4

w/c 3rd June 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we have been very busy! With the lovely warm weather we have spent lots of time outdoors, in the garden and on  trips.

In the top garden we really enjoyed the climbing equipment, particularly whizzing down the slide! We also spent time in the mud kitchen, scooping up the bark pieces and adding water to them!

In our own rooftop garden we were exploring the coloured shapes. The adults held them up in the sunshine, and we noticed how the colours were appearing on the floor. We then held them up to our faces and looked through, seeing the garden through different colours! We also took part in some leaf painting this week! We carefully painted the leaves and then pressed them onto paper, revealing an intricate pattern!

We also went on a lovely trip to Sea Mills park with our friends from Kindergarten and Pre-School! The older children did a great job of looking after us and making sure we had a great time!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been in the mud kitchen making yummy recipes! We used the ladles to carefully spoon in the bark, talking to our adults about the delicious recipes we were cerating.

From imaginary recipes to real ones! Some of us went to the dining room this week to make some pitta pizzas. We focused really well on spreading the tomato paste on the base, and sprinkling on the cheese. What a yummy treat!

As Father's Day is coming up we have been making some cards for the loved ones in our lives! We have been using stamps, repeating the pattern cross the paper and telling our adults who we would make our cards for. 

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This week in Pre-School we went on a bus trip to Westbury on Trym! We went to the Greengrocers, and spent lots of time looking at the different fruit and vegetables and sharing our favourites. We also stopped into the charity shop too, to buy some books for Pre-School before catching the bus home! 

In the top garden we have been using our amazing imaginations in the mud kitchen! We decided to create a restaurant, deciding what we would have on our menu. We then chose the jobs we wanted to do - mixing, pouring, and serving up the dish!

In the art studio we have been making sticky slime! We added PVA glue to a pot and chose the colour of paint we wanted, then added a bit of magic activator. We then mixed it all together and watched it begin to form slime! 

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