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w/c 30th October 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we have been using our fine motor skills by gluing and sticking with Halloween materials, such as glitter, sequins, and pom poms.  We also used orange and black feathers which engaged all of our senses to explore. 

Elsewhere we had a mysterious touch and feel box, where we reached inside and felt the unique texture of the pumpkin flesh. There were also different sensory trays with coloured spaghetti, pumpkins, and lemons.  We made the cutout shapes from the pumpkin into a puzzle, pushing the different shapes into the slots.

Lastly, to round off our sensory experiences, we made sensory bags filled with pumpkin flesh and seeds. Using our hands, we pushed the seeds through the flesh and added food colouring for an exciting experiment observing how the colours would transform.

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This week in Kindergarten, we delved into our spooky mud kitchen, where our fine motor skills were put to the test as we used different resources to add a variety of ingredients to our mud pies and witch's brew. To give it an extra eerie touch, we even added some creepy crawly spiders!

Inside, we had a range of different Halloween sensory trays, featuring coloured spaghetti and the intriguing insides of pumpkins. We plunged our hands to explore, discovering the flesh felt cold and slimy to touch.

Lastly, we embarked on a creative journey by crafting our own bonfire pictures, ready for the weekend's festivities. We blended different colours to create new shades and demonstrated excellent scissor control as we cut cardboard tubes, which were then used to make our sparkling fireworks.

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This week in Pre-School we have been buzzing with Halloween excitement. Some of us enjoyed exploring the insides of a pumpkin, using various scoops and our hands to explore the flesh. We attempted to count all of the seeds, but there were just too many!

Elsewhere, we became little Wizards and Witches, using a concoction of ingredients to make Halloween potions. Our cauldrons fizzed and bubbled as we carefully added water using pipettes, transforming the liquid from colours orange to an eerie green - spooky! As we mixed the potions we even had a go at making up our own spook-tacular spells. 

For a different adventure, we enjoyed exploring a Halloween tuff tray filled with pasta, rice, and some spooky bugs.  We used tongs and scoops to create some fun sensory play.

To wrap up our Halloween-filled fun, we put our creative skills to work by creating our own pumpkins using paper plates and paint, taking inspiration from real pumpkins. We displayed excellent control when using scissors to "carve" our own pumpkins.

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