w/c 29th April 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery, we’ve had an exciting addition to our room – a 'Family Forest'! It's a space for some of us to have our family portraits up on the wall. We recognised ourselves and even pointed out the names of our family members in the frame!

We’ve had lots of messy play, including flour that we got absolutely everywhere! We also had playdough and pasta shapes to explore, we used the different pasta shapes to print onto the playdough.

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This week in Kindergarten we have enjoyed imaginative play in our home corner! We prepared and cooked our 'food' and then shared it with our friends and adults. We talked about our favourite food and meals, and warned everyone that food coming out of the oven would be hot! 

In the tuff tray we had different activities set up for us to explore! We had a sensory experience whilst reading the book  ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. Our adult read the story and we helped retell it by recreating the habitats that the bear had to walk through and used our toys to make them go through it! Some of us also explored the different textures with our dinosaurs and toy animals!

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This week in Pre-School we practiced our cutting skills. We talked about how to hold our scissors correctly and we pretended our scissors were baby crocodiles and they were hungry to eat along the lines! We practiced cutting along lines, wiggles and around shapes.

We have had lots of fun celebrating our recent Ofsted report. We enjoyed dancing using ribbons and coloured fabric as well as going to the top garden to sing with Anouska and her ukulele. She made up a new song - 'If you're Outstanding and you know it, clap your hands'! We also took turns to play different instruments with her and shouted back "WE ARE"! 

We used a cardboard box to use as a threading tool, an adult made lots of holes in it and we used different materials, such as straws and pipe cleaners to thread through them. It took a lot of concentration but we had lots of fun!

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