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w/c 28th August 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery we had SO much fun playing parachute games! We all sat or stood around the parachute and lifted it high into the air, watching it all down. We loved the moving colours and feel of the fabric!

Out in the garden we got stuck into a farm-themed invitation to play! We crunched up the cereal and soil to make interesting new textures, and moved our toy tractors and animals through it all - crunch crunch!

Back in the art studio some of us explored stamps. We were fascinated with trying each stamp in turn, looking to see which new shape or pattern we would create this time! We also explored repeating the stamping motion across the paper to create patterns.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been using our amazing imaginations to create 'cakes'! We shaped our yellow saltdough into rounds and discs, and used various pom poms to decorate the tops. This gave us lots of opportunities to expand our vocabulary - naming the different colours, and counting out how many pom poms we had used!

We've had lots of new children start in our room this week, and change can bring out lots of different emotions! During Time Together we have looked at our emotion bears, discussing what each one might be feeling and sharing what can make us feel happy, sad or angry.

We have also been getting nice and messy with some shaving foam play! We got stuck in, utilising containers such as bowls and sieves and moving the foam with plastic tools!

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This week in Pre-School we explored the mark making art of Hapa Zome! Cherilyn had pruned lots of the flowers and leaves that were passed their best, so we incorporated them into our play. We enveloped the greenery in white fabric and used mallets to hit the surface, so eventually the colours moved through into the fabric itself! We were so impressed with our work, pointing out that the symmetrical patterns looked like 'a butterfly'! 

We were also fascinated with a new musical instrument! Mark brought in a handpan, and showed us how hitting different areas of the pan would create a different note. For lots of us this was a brand new musical instrument and we wouldn't wait to try it out! 

We also showed great teamwork and cooperation skills this week as we completed an alphabet jigsaw. We supported our peers in reciting the alphabet together, and challenged ourselves to find each letter and carefully add it to the overall puzzle!

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