w/c 27th November 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery  we got stuck into our homemade gloop! We used spoons and bowls to scoop up the gloop and enjoyed pouring it out into the trays. The dinosaurs came along too for a dip!

We also decorated our own biscuits using yellow and blue icing, we got to mix the colours to make green icing using a spoon and then poured our colourful icing onto our biscuits. We then wrapped them up when the icing had dried so they were ready to take home later.

In our tuff tray, we had a fun sensory activity centred around cooking and all the different ingredients we may use when making a dish. We explored the different textures with flour and cocoa powder, dough and pasta.

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This week in Kindergarten we enjoyed playing with dried rice and pasta, we had fun putting the pasta into the pots and tipping it out to hear it crunch and we shared with our friends as we filled the pots with pasta together!

We went to the top garden and enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen together, some of us had fun exploring the icier parts of the garden and we discussed how ice is formed. We also had some musical instruments out so we could make music with our friends!

We also had a go at ice painting this week. We dipped the ice balloon into different coloured paints and then printed it onto the paper by rolling the ice balloon around!

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This week Pre-School have started their Christmassy crafts! We upcycled some cardboard tubing, decorating them with sequins, pom poms and googly eyes. Some of us had the clever idea to use ribbons as a scarf, just like a snowman! 

We've also had conversations about what presents we would like for Christmas! We decided to write them down in a letter to Santa, which we decorated with drawings. We also found some of our favourite toys in catalogues, which we then cut out and stuck into the envelopes!

We also made some decorations for our Christmas tree that arrived this week! We could choose from lots of different colours, which we then moulded into a circle shape. We decorated it with lots of sequins and finally threaded through a sparkly pipe cleaner so it could hang on the tree!

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