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w/c 27th May 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we have been looking at our new Core Book for this term - 'Little Monkey Calms Down' which talks about some of the big emotions we might feel and how we can calm ourselves after experiencing them! We looked through the book and recognised some of the objects in it - we then snuggled up in our blankets and gave the soft toy monkey a big cuddle!

We also got stuck into a farmyard themed tray! We explored all the different animals and experienced the different sensory materials such as the lentils, rice and pasta. The adults challenged us to 'spot the animal' and we did a great job of recognising them! 

We've also been cooling off with a water tray activity! We used funnels and tools to scoop up the water, making big splashes back onto the surface. We also found the bubbles fascinating, picking them up with our hands and singing along to the song 'Tiny Turtle'!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been exploring our fishing game! We used the rods which had a magnet on the end to catch the fish in the 'sea'. We were really pleased when we managed to catch a fish, and we shared very nicely with our friends, passing on the rod and saying 'Your turn now'! 

We've also spent lots of sunny days out in the top garden! We particularly enjoyed clambering up the ropes and steps and going down the slide - we are getting really good at navigating these physical challenges!

We also took a trip to the dining room, we were excited to find the table covered in paper and paint! We were encouraged to mark make with lots of different objects, to explore the different shapes and patterns we could make. We mixed the colours together and and covered our paper with lots of cool patterns!

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This week in Pre-School we have been using the flash cards to explore the alphabet and the sounds of words! We were very patient as everyone got a turn - the adults challenged us to find the cards that had an objects beginning with a certain letter. We held up Snails and Snakes, Eggs and Elephants, Tomatoes and Tractors!

We also took a trip to Sea Mills park! On the way we talked about all the things we would play on when we got there - we also noticed it had been raining, so we were looking out for snails and slugs too! Once we got to the park we ran in and used all the equipment, whizzing along the zip wire and down the slides - we also found our favourite 'the Witches hat'! 

To celebrate a child's birthday we decided we would make birthday crowns! We used scissors to cut along the lines to make twos trips of paper, which we then glued together. The adults helped us to measure them around our heads to it was exactly the right length, then we decorated them with lots of beautiful resources!

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