CD B 8

w/c 26th February 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery we have spent time in Sand Land! The adults supported us to climb right into the sand tray, where we sat down to look at what we could play with. There were buckets, spades and scoops already in the sand, our adults role modelled how we could use the scoops to pick up sand and add it to our buckets. We started to copy their actions and spent a long time repeating the filling and emptying process!

In the extension room we explored some flower painting! After putting on our aprons we looked closely at the flowers, picking them up by their stems as if it were the handle of a paintbrush. We used the flowers to dab and move across the paper making lots of colourful marks!

We also explored a sticky pasta invitation to play! We used scoops, spoons and tongs to pick up the wriggly pasta and place it into our own bowls. This was great for our fine motor skill development! After a while we decided to use our hands instead, scooping up great handfuls and laughing at the slippery texture!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been exploring mark making in flour! We used our fingers and utensils to experiment with different marks, lines, dots and patterns. This helps us develop the muscles in our hands and fingers, which will eventually support us with our handwriting skills!

We've also been exploring numeracy this week, taking part in a matching game. We all tried counting out loud all the way up to ten, and we were challenged to find the correct number of objects on a card to match the numerical symbol!

We've also been exploring one of our Core Books this term - 'Aliens Love Underpants'! We got crafty creating rockets from cardboard tubes, adding tissue paper and pipe cleaners as decoration.

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This week in Pre-School, we re-enacted the story of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”! We decided as a group where the parts of the story should be re-enacted. Firstly we went to the grass in the top garden and talked about how to find our way through it. We then decided to use a ‘windy path” as this looked like a river to ‘splash through.” We had a great idea to go through the ‘mud’ part of the story in mud kitchen. When telling the part of the story of “squelching” through mud, we even pretended to all get stuck and help each other get to the forest. We all went down the slide when pretending to go through the snow storm. We then crawled through the climbing frame tunnel pretending it was the “ cave” whispering “tip toe” to then meet our toy bear at the other end! To finish the story the we ran to the story den which was our “house” and we all ended the story by saying “ We’re never going on a bear hunt again.”

We have been trying out some new fruits in the dining room! We had some familiar fruits such as banana and watermelon as well as some unfamiliar fruits such a small pomegranate and plums. We all tried new things and even had fun chopping some of them up too.

We also looked at 2D and 3D shapes this week, we started off talking about the different shapes and their different names based on whether the shape is 2D or 3D. We then used the shapes to mark make onto paper, we matched the colour of the shape to the colour of the paint! 

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