w/c 28th September 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in nursery we went on a fishing trip! We were invited to use the nets in the water tray to scoop up the toy fish inside. This was a great physical challenge as we navigated the arm movements needed to extend the net down into the water, around, and back up again!

The sensory tray was used elsewhere this week for a dry texture activity, as we explored blue and green rice! We incorporated bowls and spoons into our play, we also noticed that our movement through the rice also left marks in the bottom of the tray - wow!

In the art studio we have been busy mark making too! We used the crayons, the perfect size for us to grip firmly and move across the paper. We experimented with lots of different lines,  patterns and colours!

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This week in Kindergarten we took our interest in mark making outside! We explored the garden art cupboard, deciding to use the acrylic frames as our canvasses. We experimented with using felt tip pens over the frames, holding them up once they were finished so we could look through them!

We have also been playing out in the top garden, where all the trees have started shedding their leaves! We found this really interesting and spent lots of time picking up the leaves and comparing them with our friends. We then added them to our tray of paint, noticing the different marks we could make with them!

Back inside some of us explored the Library, particularly the story puppets. We each had a go to use the puppets to tell our story, developing our imagination and self confidence!

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This week in Pre-School we were invited to use our senses with a playdough activity! We helped add cocoa powder to the dough, and very quickly we noticed the smell of chocolate in the air. "It's like chocolate cake!" 

Out in the garden we have spent lots of time talking about the changing seasons, and spotting the signs of Autumn. We compared the colours of different leaves, noticing that some were still green whilst some had turned orange, red, yellow and brown! 

Back inside we have been flexing our musical skills, exploring the electric keyboard. We showed great patience in taking turns to have a go, and listening to our friends experiment on the keys. We tried out different rhythms and notes, and even worked out how to change the noise that would come out  - wow!

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