w/c 23rd May 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week In Nursery, the babies have been enjoying some Jubilee themed activities! They have been exploring the red, white and blue playdough, and were invited to make marks in the dough using a range of different tools. The babies also had a great time painting their very own Union Jack, exploring the outline of the flag and experimenting with making lines, dots and squiggles in the paint.

Elsewhere, the children discovered different sensory textures that were taped to the floor. The children investigated each section, particularly liking the crunching sound from the cereal and the moving, swirling oils in one of the cubes!

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This week in Kindergarten, some children enjoyed playing with the construction materials. They built towers, made buildings and train tracks - focusing on fitting pieces together and balancing them, then enjoying knocking them down afterwards!

Elsewhere this week some children listened to the story of Elmer the Elephant. The children talked about his colourful patchwork, and had a go at making their own Elmer pattern using tissue squares!

The children also tried making their own paper aeroplanes for paper aeroplane day. The children listened carefully to the adult's instructions and had lots of fun making them fly in the garden!

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This week in the art studio, Pre-School got crafty making crowns to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee! The children chose from lots of sparkly resources, gluing them along cardboard. They were very proud of their creations!

Other children this week made their own flags. They talked about the Union Jack and the different colours and shapes on it. Some children copied the flag design, where others created their own versions!

Some Pre-Schoolers enjoyed learning about their senses this week. They put on a blindfold, using touch to guess what toys they were holding. This also tested their vocabulary, finding the words to describe what they could feel!

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