w/c 22nd January 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we did some toilet roll holder painting! We had a go at creating lots of different heart-shaped marks across our pieces of paper.

We loved the new additions to our role-play area this week, these included a pram, cot, and high chair and we have really enjoyed looking after our toy babies and putting them to sleep!

We have been practicing our fine motor skills using the tweezers and the coloured spaghetti was lots of fun to explore with our friends.

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This week in Kindergarten, we made our own playdough! After mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl, we started to roll our play dough out and then use the cutters to create different shapes. We’ve also used our cutters when using paint to make marks on pieces of paper. We used dark paper so that the colours really popped out! We talked about the different shapes we used.

We’ve also been to the garden this week, where we used our binoculars to search for things that were far away (or nearby!). Some of us spotted birds! We talked about the different birds we may see in the sky or in the trees.

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This week in Pre-School we have had a lovely time creating our own stories using the story cards! We got to pick various cards and make up a story with them. We really enjoyed using our imagination to create different stories and we even acted them out. We used the den as our castle and built a fort and wall to protect us from the witch and the storm. 

We have had lots of fun making shortbread in the dining room. We worked as a team to measure out some ingredients- we needed flour, sugar, and butter. Then we took it in turns to add the ingredients to the bowl and mix it all together. When it was ready, we all made our own shaped biscuits ready to go in the oven. So exciting!

We have been working on our numbers and letters, we started by looking at the first letters of our names, and seeing if we could copy them on the paper we had in front of us, we held the pens in our preferred hand and held it using the tripod grip rather than palmers grasp. After that looked at number sequences and used the gel numbers to put them in number order.

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