w/c 22nd April 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery, we had a go at preparing our own snack! Our adult supported us on how to cut our bananas up and then we tried for ourselves, independently using the child safe knives. We also had a go at pouring our own milk and we did such a good job at pouring it into our cup!

We had a rainbow themed tuff tray this week, where we were able to explore playing with the sensory shapes, the view finders and the colourful fabrics. Some of us helped stack the rainbow crescents, starting from the smallest one and then moving onto the biggest crescent. We also enjoyed putting the fabrics on our heads and playing peek-a-boo!

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Kindergarten have been painting with different tools this week! We have used sponges, stamps and cutters to create different textured prints onto the paper.

On Earth Day we learned all about recycling. We discussed what materials everyday objects are made, from and then played a game where we had to sort different objects and recycle them in the correct bins. It was a great way to think about how we can help our planet!

We have been outside in the top garden this week, enjoying the book shed. We have reading lots of books ,sharing stories together and turning the pages of the book!

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This week in Pre-School we enjoyed the sunshine in the top garden! We talked about shadows and silhouettes and how they are formed. We looked at our own shadows moving in different ways. Then we used the colourful light and wooden shapes to make more shadows.

This week we learned that we can get information from books! Anouska went to the library and found an animal encyclopaedia, so we could learn about the different animals. Anouska showed us that we could use the contents to find out about a topic, or the index if we wanted to look up something in particular.

There was more animal talk in the art studio where some of us created pictures with the animals sponges. Leona showed us 9 different animals, then she described their living environment, their appearance and what sounds can they make. All of us got a chance to guess which animal was Leona talking about. When we heard “the animal is hairy and scary”, we shouted out “Lion!”.

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