w/c 21st August 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have spent so much time out in the rooftop garden, enjoying the warm weather!

Some of us got stuck into the mud kitchen. We used the utensils such as the spoons and ladles - even picking up one in each hand, what a challenge! We then tried scooping and pouring the mud into different containers. 

We furthered our play with these containers later on, as we realised we could turn them over to create drums! We thought this was very funny, as we stacked them up and patted them in different rhythms. 

We also took some books outside to read! Some of us preferred independent reading, carefully turning each page and taking out time looking at the images. Some of us liked to share the story with our peers and adults, calling out the different objects we recognised!

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This week in Kindergarten we have also spent lots of time learning outdoors! We have had so much rain and sunshine, so our vegetable patch and flower gardens are growing and blooming. We noticed the tomatoes are growing fruit, and we spoke about letting them grow until they get big and red! We made sure to give them a good water too.

In the front garden we have been moving our bodies in lots of different ways! Our adults showed us how to twirl a hula hoop around us, which takes lots of coordination and core strength but we had a good go! We also explored the loose construction parts such as the plastic creates and wheels, lifting and stacking them into different shapes! 

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In Pre-School this week we brought out our yoga mats for some outdoor exercise! We demonstrated great attention as the adults showed us how to move, stretch and pose. They explained that some of the poses have animal or nature names, and we spoke about how we were representing mountains, snakes or dogs in our movements!

Back inside we had lots of fun exploring letters on duplo bricks. We took turns choosing some letters and spelling some simple words. We were amazing at sounding out each letter with the adults, and together we managed to create some three-letter words - wow!

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