KG4 (1)

w/c 20th November 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery, we enjoyed playing with cloud dough and seeing what marks we could create using the rolling pins and cutters. We used our senses to smell the strawberry scent in the dough and to explore the chalky feeling of the cornflour!

We had a great fun experimenting with some different painting methods this week! We started with blow painting, where we blew through the straw to move the paint on the paper. We then used the paint dispensers to squirt our own paint on the paper, before using a paint brush to complete our masterpieces!

We also had fun playing peek-a-boo on the play gym with our friends. There were lots of different places to hide and we found it funny when our aldut jumped up and said “peek-a-boo”!

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This week we have begun some of our Christmas crafts (it’s never too early!) by making salt dough decorations. We started by making the dough and had to weigh our ingredients out and put them in our mixing bowl. We then mixed everything together to form a dough. Once the dough was ready, we began rolling it out and then used shape cutters to press into the dough and pop out our decorations. We can’t wait to decorate them next week!  

We had lots of fun in the top garden with different activities to enjoy! We had the parachute out and played some games and we made an obstacle course to balance on!

A group of us also went to the library, where we sat down and read some books. We enjoyed Pat reading us a story and exploring the books independently. We also had fun playing games on the interactive whiteboard together!

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This week in Pre-School we also began some Christmas crafts! We have been creating Christmas cards, ready to send home to our loved ones. We started by choosing which colour card we wanted, we then picked whichever resources we wanted to use to decorate our cards. We took our time with care and attention to what we were doing, focusing really well!

We've also had a real focus on Pirates as an interest this week! A group of us talked about all things pirate, we read a story and then talked about all the things a pirate may own. We then had the opportunity to dress up as a pirate, which was great fun!

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