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w/c 20th May 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery whilst the sun was out this week, we went out into the garden to explore! We got creative with chalk and did some mark-making and we also made music with our tin pots and boom whackers!

In the art area we had some frozen paint lollies to get creative with, we were a little confused at first but once our practitioner showed us how to use the paint lollies, we had lots of fun mark making with them!

In the art area we had lots of fun with water play! We had different resources to fill up and pour out the water from and got very wet in the process!

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This week in Kindergarten we showed our independence at snack time! With a bit of support from our adults we cut up our snack using child-friendly knives. We had a go at cutting up apples, pears and bananas and even peeled our own satsumas!

We have enjoyed doing some puzzles with our friends too! We had to spot the different things we could see on each piece, and tried to match them up with other pieces. We worked will with our friends to put it together, and we were proud of ourselves for being determined and not giving up! 

We have also spent time in the top garden, with lots of different things to do! We had a go at hula-hooping, we had the insect colour catchers and of course had lots of fun climbing on the apparatus with our friends!

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This week we have been celebrating the Upfest art festival and we have been having a Red Bus version! We have been using our background adorned with flowers to decorate using feathers, gems and hearts. Zoe found some clean, unwanted mop heads and we took turns to dip them into paint and create some beautiful pictures on cardboard. It was so exciting watching the different kinds of marks we were making and exploring the colours mix together.

Anouska took a group to the dining room to read Shark in the Dark! Anouska then showed us her grown up felt tips (sharpies) and we drew a picture on a clear plastic pocket, which is why we needed special pens. Anouska turned our pictures into night mode by putting black paper in the poly pocket. We made a light beam out of white paper so we could see our drawings!

During time together, we planted some sunflower seeds in pots. We are going to water them every day then plant them in the planter in the top garden by the peas that we already have growing. We can’t wait to see how they grow during the summer!

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