w/c 1st January 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we explored the books in our Book Nook! We enjoyed looking at all the colourful pictures and all of the different textures. Our adults read us the books out loud so we could enjoy the stories.

We also went out to the top garden and had lots of fun with the water trays! We filled the trays up at the top and watched it as it came down to the bottom and tried to catch it in our buckets! Some us also had fun exploring the garden with our peers and adults.

In our tuff tray, we had some shredded paper and loved watching our adults throw it up in the air and watching it fall from above.

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This week in Kindergarten we enjoyed matching the shapes to the shapes drawn on the tray. We picked up a shape, then looked on the tray for the shape and then had a go at matching the correct shape in the tray.

We visited our library and Kayleigh read us the story ‘Dear Zoo’ we helped find the animals by lifting the flaps in the book and then made the noise the animal makes! We also had toy animals in the bag which we had to find to match the animals in the book.

Some of us went to the top garden where we enjoyed making music by banging the drums and tapping the triangles together. We also enjoyed the climbing frame with our friends!

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This week in Pre-School we had a little science experiment set up for us to explore, a tray was filled with baking soda, and in some pots an adult placed vinegar mixed with food colouring. First of all we smelled the pots, we weren’t quite sure at first! We then used pipettes to pick up the liquid and pour it into the baking soda, all of a sudden the baking soda started to bubble and fizz!

At group time we made old school telephones. We used yogurt pots and string. We also talked about safety whilst using the tools to make the phones. An adult helped us to put a hole in the pots ready for our string to go through. We then tested it out with our friends across the room and it was lots of fun!

We took a trip to Sea Mills library this week and we enjoyed reading lots of different books together and there were some activities set up at the tables which we could also enjoy!  

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