w/c 19th February 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we became builders in our art studio! We had our very own ‘cement mix’ made up with shaving foam and sand, which we then scooped and spread out onto the building blocks to help build our creations!

We also explored our technology toys the week, we had lots of fun trying the headphones on and tapping away on the keyboard!

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This week in Kindergarten, we have been looking at number recognition. Chloe showed us different number cards and some counting bears in different pots. The number cards matched up with the amount of number bears in each pot and we all had a go at counting out loud. It was a fun way to learn more about numbers!

We also went to the garden this week to play with the musical instruments outside! It was a rare dry spell, and we loved making lots of noise together with our friends.

The Red Bus Library has been a popular spot this week, with lots of us going throughout the week to read some books together. We’ve sat with friends to look through the stories and we’ve also enjoyed listening to our adults read us a story too.

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As the weather has been a bit wet this week, we talked about rain clouds. We then did a science experiment so we could see how the rain passes through the clouds. In a clear tub we used water with shaving foam on top and we took turns to use pipettes to fill it with blue dye (the rain water) and then we watched the ‘rain drop through the cloud.’

We really enjoyed this so we extended the activity by making our own cloudy rain pictures using cotton wall, glue and cutting pieces of blue wall.

On the topic of weather we also talked about the seasons and how they are changing. We talked about how we are going into spring and what happens. We also spoke about how things are starting to grow in the warmer weather and how we have seen a lot of daffodil flowers. We then got busy and started to make our own flowers first by decorating cupcake cases using different materials and then using a straw as a stem.

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