w/c 18th September 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have been getting stuck into some sensory experiences! We loved exploring the tray of gloop, with its interesting stretchy texture. We added toy animals and other resources, observing how the gloop interacted with those objects.

We have also been celebrating Autumn's arrival with some leaf printing! We used really big leaves from the garden, which meant we had lots of space to add our red, yellow, and green paints. We pressed the leaves onto the paper and carefully lifted them up, noticing the natural pattern we left!

There were more sensory activities this week as we went on a trip to a miniature beach! We used spoons and bowls to scoop up the sand and rice 'water', mixing it all together. There was also some wibbly wobbly jelly shapes in there, which we found very funny!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been talking lots about Autumn and signs of the changing seasons, particularly in the garden where the leaves have been changing colour! We extended this interest by using paper plate 'viewfinders', collecting leaves and twigs and sticking them to the clear plastic. 

We also got stuck into a colour matching challenge! We worked as a group as the adults encouraged us to name the colour of the objects, and find the corresponding colour on the tray. We had a great sense of achievement when we finished!

We also focused really well on a dinosaur slime activity! We each had a tray of slime and some toy dinosaurs - at first, we moved the toys through the texture, noticing it would leave 'footprints' in the tray. We then got stuck in with our hands too!

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We have been talking about the weather in Pre-School this week! We looked out of the window and noticed it was windy and raining. We talked about all of the fun things we can do in this weather then we decided to make some kites. We used chalk and stamps to decorate our paper and used the scissors to cut a shape. Then we chose the length of the string and snipped it ourselves. We tested them out in the garden later on!

We took a stroll to the park, along the way we spoke about road safety and looked about for bugs and insects, we came across lots of different bugs! We spotted a spiders web - it had a big spider in the middle - and there were really big slugs on the paths. We carried on to the park where we explored the zip wire and the rope swing with our peers!

We listened to the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and decided to build a bridge to recreate the story. We chose to build a bridge together. We talked about size and shape, positioning and stability as we built. There was some problem-solving involved when the bridge was wobbly and we talked with our peers on how to fix it!

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