w/c 18th July 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have been cooling off by exploring ice. The adults had filled up water balloons and then frozen them, leaving big balls of ice! The babies tried painting with them, noticing how the ice melts and rolls across the paper leaving a swirling pattern!

Out in the rooftop garden some children investigated the water tray, taking part in a fishing game! Each child was given a net, focusing well to scoop out the rubber ducks that were floating on the surface. 

Other children explored the physical resources in the rooftop garden this week, navigating the different heights of the platforms and walking across the bridge!

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This week in Kindergarten the children really enjoyed completing jigsaw puzzles! They demonstrated fantastic focus, looking carefully at the images on each shape and putting them in the right place.

In the front garden some children explored the wooden blocks! They noticed the different types of shapes they could see, and the fact that they were lots of different colours. They then had a go at stacking up some tall towers!

There was a wibbly wobbly invitation to play this week, as some children explored jelly! There were toy animals trapped inside it, so the children got to work moving through the sticky mixture to the free them. 

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This week Pre-School took a trip to the library! They explored the interactive whiteboard, waiting for their turn and trying out the different writing and number based games they could play.

With the warm weather this week, Pre-School have been learning all about ice! They sat together and discussed what the ice cubes felt like in the tray, noticing that they would melt in their hands and become water!

Out in the garden the children have also spent lots of time playing with the water exploratory table, adding water at the top and watching as it runs down to the bottom!

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