w/c 17th June 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we have spent lots of time outside! We have been practicing our balancing skills by moving across the bridge and the stepping blocks. We have also been using the sun visors to explore different colours.

We have also been using the chalk pens to make marks on the big mirrors, we were fascinated by our reflections and pulled lots of different faces which was lots of fun!

In the art studio, we painted with leaves. Some of us weren’t too sure at first but our adults demonstrated how we could use the leaves to make marks and we soon had lots of fun creating our pictures to take home with us!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been in the top garden playing with our small world characters, who represent different jobs! We talked about what these different job roles involve and how they help others within our community.

We also had fun blowing our own bubbles in the garden, we took turns to use the bubble wand which was lots of fun. We all then started popping the bubbles whilst singing “bubble, bubble, pop!”.

In our art studio we had a playdough station set up where we could make our own playdough. We mixed the ingredients together and added food colouring to make it go a bright red! We then enjoyed making things with our playdough.

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This week in Pre-School we celebrated the summer solstice by building our own Stonehenge in the garden! We talked about this day being the longest day of the year and we get the most amount of sunshine. We also talked about how they might have moved the stones to make it, as they wouldn’t have lorries to move them.

We also learned about the Dragonboat race that happened in Bristol recently, we have been really curious about this and it has inspired lots of different play! A group of us made boats out of corks and elastic bands and a sail out of paper and a cocktail stick. We then took the boats outside to test them on the water to see if they would float. Anouska set up a ramp so that our boats would go down really fast!

We explored our emotions this week by first of all reading ‘The Colour Monster’. We spoke about how we were feeling and then we made our very own monsters using various materials such as string, Pom poms and feathers and then finished them off with some googly eyes!

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