w/c 16th October 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we've been 'reading all about it' with our crinkly paper newspapers! One of them is Bristol themed, and we loved exploring images of the Suspension Bridge and Clifton Observatory! We independently turned the pages and enjoyed the crunchy texture of the pages.

We've been getting creative with some apple stamping this week! We used the apple halves, dipping them into paint and them onto paper. The smooth shape of the apples was quite fiddly to hold on to, so our adults pushed paint brushes into the top so we had a handle! 

We've also spent lots of time out in the garden come rain or shine! We explored the rooftop garden after the rain, having lots of fun splashing in the puddles. We also took a trip to the lower garden, being brave on the slide as we went wooshing down!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been painting with animals! We confidently picked up the different sized toys, pressing them into the paint and then moving in a repeated motion across the paper. We then added on some googly eyes to make spooky monsters - eek!

Out in the sunny front garden we got stuck into lots of physical invitations to play. We loved exploring the parachute, throwing it up high and running under and over it as it moved in the air. We also worked together to move around the racetrack on the scooters!

Halloween is nearly here and we had lots of fun exploring a spooky, gloopy tuff tray. In the tray was the fibrous insides of a pumpkin, which was an amazing new texture for us! When mixed with the gloop everything because super sticky and stretchy. We got stuck in with our hands, mixing it all together and using our fingers to make marks on the bottom of the tray!

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This week in Pre-School we explored the acrylic letters! We looked through them, noticing they were all different shapes and colours. We were then encouraged to find the letters from our name - we tried really hard, and understood when the letters were upside down or back to front and corrected it!

In the art studio we got creative making magical potions! We had lots of different resources to pick from - conkers, pasta, and pumpkin seeds. The different sizes and textures presented a challenge to our coordination and fine motor skills as we scooped them into our cauldrons!

Out in the lower garden we also went on a Halloween themed scavenger hunt! We were given a list of shapes to find hidden almost the resources, and we did a great job of working together and sharing the items we found.  

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