w/c 16th May 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have been exploring gloop! The children enjoyed using spoons to scoop the mixture up, watching as it fell slowly into the bowls below.

Some children explored a water activity this week, with a tray full of fruit and some peppermint oil. The children enjoyed smelling the different fragrances and filled the water bottles up with petals and pieces of fruit!

Out in the sunshine some children had lots of fun playing with water balloons! They practised throwing the balloons, laughing when they popped, and afterwards used their hands and feet to make big splashes in the tray. 


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In Kindergarten the children have also been playing outdoors, giving the toy babies a bubble bath! The children demonstrated great care and focus, washing the babies with cloths and patting them dry afterwards.

Thursday was National Mathematics Day, and the children had great fun hunting for the numbered shells that were hidden in the garden! They searched all over, and when they found a shell had a go at identifying the number on it. 

Back inside the children helped to make their own playdough from scratch, pouring in the ingredients and mixing it well. Afterwards they played with the dough, creating lots of different shapes!

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This Pre-School some children enjoyed making some yummy shortbread biscuits! They put on their hairnets before taking turns to add ingredients to a bowl and mixing it all together.

Some children explored the Library resources this week! They focused really well as Cher told them a story - complete with puppets and props - and also had a go at making music on the keyboard mat!

In the top garden this week, some children enjoyed making giant spider webs. They worked together to pull wool all around the garden before weaving in and out of it, showing amazing balance and coordination! 

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