PS Rainbow 2

w/c 15th January 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery, we have been exploring our technology resources! We recognised the toy phones, computer screen and keyboard keys, and began to try them out. We tap-tap-tapped on the keyboard keys, and role played conversations with our loved ones on the phones. We also noticed we could press the buttons on the phone to change the colour - wow!

We also got stuck into an invitation to play - set up with frozen citrus fruits, icy water, and lots of tools and resources! We used the ladles to move water from one pan to another, and some of us showed a particular interest in the pipettes. The adults demonstrated how to use them, and we repeated the word "squeeeeeze" as we collected up the water! 

We also used our incredible imaginations, seeing what we could do with a big cardboard box! We used coloured lollipop sticks, threading them into the cardboard to see if we could make them disappear. We enjoyed the repeated motion of threading them in, and back out again! The multiple colours were also a great conversation starter, as the adults pointed out the different colours and we copied them!

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This week in Kindergarten there has been a big focus on understanding the world around us! We have been talking about lots of different cultures and countries, celebrations and home traditions. We explored a small world tuff tray filled with wooden people and famous landmarks. We used the wooden people in our play, moving them through the house and into the sand and 'snow' below!

We've also been exploring different habitats that animals can live in. We got stuck into a tray full of rice and flour, filled with different toy animals. Our adults encouraged us to name each animal, and we talked about where they live in the world and what type of food they eat!

We've also been feeding our curiosity in the chilly garden this week. We asked the adults about the frost and ice that had appeared - where does it come from? We used our hands to feel the different textures, and incorporated paintbrushes into our play as we 'brushed off' the frost leaving marks on the tray!

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This week Pre-School we have been developing our mathematical skills! We played a group game that challenged us to recognise numbers and amounts as well as recall the numbers zero to ten. The adults called out different numbers, and once we had found them we had to place them in the right order. We then glued them down into place on the paper!

Our listening and attentional skills were also challenged with a colour game. The adults tasked us to search the room to find a certain number of items that were one colour, and bring them together in a pile. After making a collection, we took it in turns to make a rainbow. We spent lots of time organizing the items by colour, and then moving them around to create our rainbow. We then sat and counted up all the items - one of the colours had 35 items in it, wow! 

Our Core Book this term is 'The Smeds and the Smoos'. We have listened to the story a few times and discussed how just because people look different to each other, or do things differently, we can all still be friends. After we read the book we made our own aliens and were encouraged to create them however we wanted!

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