WC 14th August 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery, some of us went on a trip! We made sure to wear our high-viz jackets as we climbed into the buggies and took a trip to Sea Mills Library. Once we arrived we had free choice of all the books, we loved scanning the shelves and picking out some stories! We even recognised some that we also have at Red Bus, or at home.

With the brief sunny weather this week we explored downstairs in the front garden! We really enjoyed the tyres, using them as an obstacle course clambering high and low to get to the end. We also cooled off with the water tray, noticing we could create huge splashes with our hands - very refreshing!

Back inside in the art studio we have been experimenting with colour and stamps. Our adults told us the name of each colour as we picked it out, some of us were able to repeat it back to them! We also enjoyed the repeated action of pressing the stamps into paint and then onto paper.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been enjoying the sunny weather in the garden! We particularly enjoyed crawling through the tunnel and utlisiing the hula hoops in lots of different games that we created using our imaginations!

Back inside we got creative with some foam play. Each blob of foam had some paint on it, so we set to work mixing and incorporating the different colours. The foam added a new and interesting texture, plus the white made the colours even paler as we mixed! 

We also kept cool with some water balloon play! We practiced throwing and catching, laughing loudly if the balloon POPPED over us! It was a great way to develop our gross motor skills, balance, coordination and teamwork!

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This Pre-School have also been getting lots of fresh air, playing in the garden this week! We have been checking in on the vegetable patch, noticing that the tomato plants are starting to grow yellow flowers! We learned that those flowers will eventually become fruit, that starts green and becomes red!

We also enjoyed a game of hopscotch! We learned the rules of the game, taking the right amount of hops depending on the number. We practised counting out loud all the way up to 10!

We also took a mindful moment this week with some yoga! Chloe showed us some poses and we did a great job of copying them, stretching and bending all our limbs! We also tried taking deep breaths and staying still. 

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