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w/c 13th November 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery we were invited to explore a tray full of dyed rice! The coloured viewfinders were also in the tray, and we knew that we could pick these up and look through the window - peekaboo! We also cleverly adapted these resources into containers for the rice, picking up handfuls, piling them up, and moving them around the tray!

We also had a splashing good time at the water station this week! We were particularly fascinated by the funnels, enjoying repeating the process of filling the funnel up, to watch the water trickle out at the bottom! 

Come rain or shine we always get some outdoor play time! We loved racing around the decking on our scooters and bikes, clambering on the climbing apparatus, and discovered we could use water to 'paint' on the outdoor blackboards - wow!

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This week in Kindergarten we continued commemorating Remembrance Day with some poppy artwork! We gave some empty plastic bottles new use, by using them as stamps. By pressing the bottom of the bottles into paint and then onto paper, we created beautiful red petal shapes!

During Time Together we explored our new rhyming game! This was a great challenge as not only did we try to recognise and name the objects on the cards, but we were challenged to find another object that rhymed! We worked with our peers on this, sharing the cards and repeating the new words we had learned. 

We also got stuck into some outdoor sensory play! A tray was filled with blue water, green rice, and sea creatures. We mixed the rice and the water together, noticing the changing textures and colours! We also role-played with the toy creatures, moving them around the the tray!

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This week in Pre-School we have been talking about Oral Health! We spoke about the importance of brushing our teeth and what we use to brush our teeth. We then used our fine motor skills to pull some teeth out of the model and count how many were there. We then counted how many teeth we had! We noticed some of us had more teeth than others. Jigna also helped us count the teeth in both English and Gujurati!

We also helped to make some kinetic sand this week! We mixed two cups of sand, one cup of cornflour, and half a cup of baby oil. We took turns adding the ingredients and mixing it together gently with our fingers. We noticed that the texture became very soft, and would stay in place after we moved it! We experimented with manipulating the sand in different ways across the tray.

We've also been creating interesting artwork using string! We tried dripping the string into paint and pressing it onto the paper - the string would wiggle and wobble all over the place, so this was a great challenge for our coordination and fine motor skills and made us giggle! After a while we decided to use our hands and fingers to add paint to paper as well, mixing all of the colours together.

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