Babies 5

w/c 13th June 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have been taking part in lots of outdoor play! In the rooftop garden some babies explored the physical equipment, developing their balance and coordination across the beams, whilst some went on a visit to the top garden exploring the new resources there!

Back inside some children took part in vibrant green sensory tray, full of natural resources and scented playdough. The children were invited to use stamps, hammers and rollers to manipulate the dough, and encouraged to smell the different aromas coming from it!

Some children have also been exploring the book corner this week, confidently choosing what they want to read and turning the pages themselves!

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This week in Kindergarten the children enjoyed learning about different parts of the body! They took part in a matching game, working out which parts fit together to create a person. They then pointed to the different parts of their own bodies, recognising them as similar!

In the art studio the children were creative with paint, making artwork for Father's Day. As a group the children talked about the paternal figures in their lives - dads, grandfathers, and more - and why they love them!

With the warm weather of this week, it's no surprise children have spent lots of time exploring water! The children found some plastic syringes, working out how to use them - sucking up water and having lots of fun spraying it up into the air!

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This Pre-School have been getting stuck into lots of creative activities! Outside in the garden the children explored some natural resources such as leaves, twigs and bark. They created stick wands and crowns from double sided sticky tape, choosing where to place the different objects!

In the top garden some children explored all the incredible things their bodies can do on the physical equipment. They tried balancing across the beams, jumping from the posts and even had races on the grass!

Back inside some children enjoyed looking in mirrors at their reflections, before drawing portraits on paper plates. They talked about what they could see in the mirror, and the similarities and differences between us and our friends.


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