PS7 Crop

w/c 12th February 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery have been embracing Spring, taking part in some painting using lovely pastel colours! We used a variety of tools, holding the rollers and brushes in our hands and dipping them into the paint. We particularly enjoyed repeating the back-and-forth motion with the rollers!

We've also been very busy exploring an Under the Sea tuff tray! We looked closely at the different sea animals, picking them up and putting them into the tray. The adults explained the different names of the animals, we also explored the masks by holding them up to our faces!

We also took a trip to the top garden this week! The wet weather doesn't stop us, we wrapped up warm and explored the climbing apparatus and mud kitchen. We also enjoyed a quiet dry moment in the covered reading cabin too!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been practicing yoga with our Meddy Teddy! His book demonstrates lots of different poses, we studied them closely and did a great job of copying them. Some of them were quite tricky, like standing and balancing on one leg - but we kept on perservering! 

In the top garden we took part in a bug hunt! We were great spotters, finding lots of little toy bugs hidden around and collecting them on plates. We even spotted some real spiders in our 'Gruffalo House'! Once all the insects were collected we tried to count them all up with the adults. 

We also celebrated pancake day with a dough activity! We tried out all the different utensils in the tray, and shared the pancake dough well with our peers. We also used our hands to flatten the pancakes and had a go at flipping them with the role play frying pan!

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This week in Pre-School we have had lots of fun exploring some purple sand! We used our hands, fingers and a paintbrush to make different marks and explore the texture. We also had some 3D shapes that we could use for inspiration to copy - but we found that using them to manipulate the sand was much more fun! 

We also spent some time talking about Valentine’s Day and what it represents. We took turns as a group to talk about who we love and why they are special to us.

We then used paint to recreate a painting of our loved ones, we thought about what colour their hair and eyes are, we also thought about their favourite colours too! We then added feathers, pom poms, flowers and string, to make our picture extra special.

We also played a matching hearts game, where we had to use our counting skills to count the pictures on one half of the heart and then match it to the correct number on another half of the heart! We also looked at how the heart had been cut, to see if both pieces would fit. We were great at counting the pictures and found the numbers with some help from our peers and adults!

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