CD B 4 (1)

w/c 11th December 2023
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week we enjoyed various Christmas-themed tuff trays! In one, we had a snowman made from foam and paint - we used paintbrushes and our hands to move the foam and paint around the tray and mix it together.

In another, we had tinsel and sensory lights. We enjoyed watching the lights move around the room and we talked about the different colours we could see. We tried to follow the moving lights with our fingers!

We also had a fine motor skills tuff tray where we had to use tweezers to pick up the pompoms and match the colour with the same coloured bowl on the tray!

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Our Christmas tree has been a highlight of the room this week, we all had a go at decorating the tree and then our adult took a picture next to the tree for our families to see!

We wrapped up warm and headed to our front garden to have fun on the bikes! We enjoyed moving around the track and parking our bikes in the ‘parking bay’.

We've also got stuck into some sensory exploration with some melted snowman! We used our hands to mix the snow together, creating new shapes and marks in the bottom of the tray. 

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This week Pre-School have been exploring the alphabet! We recited it together, then looked through the letter cards. We recognised each object, and worked out what each word began with! We then looked through to see if we could recognise any letters from our names.

In the sensory tray we have been using our imagination to play with floury 'snow'! We used our hands, scooping it up into piles and flurries. We then used our fingers to make marks and shapes int he flour!

Out in the garden we played a game of Red Light, Green Light with Anouska! This was a great challenge for our listening and attention skills, we had to stay quiet so that we could hear Anouska and her instructions. 

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