w/c 10th June 2024
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week in Nursery we have had a playdough station to enjoy in the garden! We had lots of different tools to make marks into the playdough, afterwards we had some time to explore more of the garden!

We had lots of fun exploring the sensory tray with dinosaurs, gloop and chia seeds – there were a lot of different textures to feel and the dinosaurs got involved too. We also had a painting activity with the dinosaurs, we dipped their feet into paint and then made lots of marks on the pieces of paper.

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This week in Kindergarten we had lots of different throwing games set up for us to play in the garden! One of the activities were skittles, where we had to throw or kick the ball at the cardboard tubes, we loved watching them fall over!

In the tuff tray, we had our very own ice cream parlour, there were different ‘ice cream flavours’ set up and we had to scoop it up into our ice cream cones. We talked about our favourite ice cream flavours.

Our core book this term is called ’Squirrels Who Squabbled’ we read the book as a group and then acted out the story with our puppets.

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This week in Pre-School we have been getting ready for Father’s Day, we have had a range of arts and crafts to do, including making monster hug cards and symmetry line printing cards!

A group of us read ‘Bright Stanley’, the story is about a fish called Stanley, he has shiny scales and he went on an adventure. After the story we made a big bright fish with the colourful shapes, we filled up all the scales with shapes and a colourful bright fish came out!

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