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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 6th September 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, the babies in Nursery got stuck into a multi sensory activity with trucks and trains! the children enjoyed carefully moving the vehicles along the track, as well as using their hands to feel the soft flour and crunchy cereal! Some babies kept cool in the sunshine with some water play in the rooftop garden. The children explored water balloons, feeling the weight and shape of them and experimenting with dropping them into the water to make a big splash! Back inside in the art studio some children have been making amazing artwork, being encouraged to express themselves however they would like! Some children chose to use paintbrushes, dipping them into various colours and spreading them onto paper. Some children decided they would prefer to use their hands!

Kindergarten have also been outside in the sunshine, exploring the recently re-opened mud kitchen! The children explored all the real life kitchen utensils, linking them to their own personal experiences and role playing with the cups, bowls and cutlery! Back inside the children got stuck into a messy activity tuff tray – full of foam, baked beans, conditioner, rice pudding and flour! The children were given toy vehicles to explore with, they moved the cars and trucks around the tray and felt all the different textures with their hands. Some of Kindergarten have been learning about different sounds, choosing cards with different noises on them. The children explored how to make noises like “sssshhh” “zzzzzz” and “oooooh”! 

This week Pre-School have been focusing on the mathematics and shapes! The children explored pictures of different flowers, that all had different shapes in the middle. The children discussed as a group what made the shapes different – how many sides? Are the lines curved, or straight? They then carefully used scissors to cut their shape out of the paper! Pre-School have also had their listening ears on this week, as they played a CD full of different environmental sounds. They went through each track and discovered if they could find the picture of the object that makes that noise. This activity also helps children with literacy and speaking, as they link the words to both the object AND the sound it makes! In the garden some children noticed that the seasons are changing and the leaves are changing colour. Inspired by this, some children went to the art studio to see if they could find some Autumnal colours! They found red, orange, yellow and gold and used paintbrushes to create their masterpieces.