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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 5th April 2021)

This week in Coombe Dingle, babies got arty with gluing and sticking with feathers, pipe cleaners, glitter and sequins! The babies found it funny when the sequins stuck to your finger and not the paper plate. We used the feather to tickle our cheeks and there was even more giggles! In Nursery this week, we read ‘The Snail and The Whale’, everyone sat together and listened to the story. Then the babies found a  snail and whale tuff tray that was set up using edible sand (crushed rice crispys), oats, pasta and rice. They explored the different textures and found lots of surprises in the tray!  Outside in the sun, Nursery rode around on the elephant and tiger bikes. The babies used their balance to get onto the bikes and were zooming around the whole garden!

It was a very exciting week out in the top garden, Kindergarten have a new kitchen! The children put on their chef hats, washed their hands and got cooking! We talked about how to make pasta, what equipment we need and how to be safe in the kitchen. Back inside, Kindergarten continued working on their chef skills by making cloud dough. They used rolling pins to flatten the dough, then choose a cutter to make a shape. The children were amazing at working independently and following the recipe. Kindergarten had a big adventure back in time to the Land of Dinosaurs, a sensory tray full of lentils and dinosaur toys. There was lots of conversations happening about how big dinosaurs are, where they live and what they eat! Everyone then had a go at doing their loudest “ROAR!!”

“Arrr” It was pirate week in Pre-School! Pre-School started the week by making their own binoculars to look for other pirates by decorating pieces of paper, rolling them up and making a loop with cellotape to hold it. Pre-School spoke about what binoculars do and why pirates need them! Next in a week full of adventure, Pre-School found an old box of treasure but it was covered in scary spiders and lots of their web! As pirates we needed to be really careful to try and get the golden treasure without disturbing the spiders. We talked about how we could get the treasure and we decided we could use tweezers or our hands. They carefully went around the web and had a go with the tweezers, squeezing the tweezers to pick up the coin was tricky! In the treasure box was a treasure map! The map took Pre-School outside and found an obstacle course. Pre-School had to walk the plank and use their balance to escape the sharks and crocodiles. Next, we found some big rocks that we needed to jump over. On the map next was some long spiky grass that we needed to make our way through. Then we needed to carefully walk along the wood before we got to the big Cave! On the map, the cave showed X marks the spot. We found lots of treasure inside!!