KG (14)

w/c 4th July 2022
This Week at Coombe Dingle


This week Nursery we have been exploring the rainbow toys. The children took turns stacking and building using the shapes, and looking through the squares! As the children did this they sang along to the rainbow song, and had a go at recognising the different colours!

In this lovely weather, the children have been exploring the rooftop garden! They used fantastic hiding skills, hiding in the pop up tents and yelling 'boo!' when the adults found them! 

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This week Kindergarten have been really enjoying the lovely sunny weather, and spent lots of time out in the garden! The children particularly enjoyed the bikes and scooters, navigating around obstacles easily. 

Back inside the children explored lots of messy activities this week! Some children got stuck into foam play, using their hands to feel the squishy texture and using buckets to move the mixture around. The children also tried finger painting, using their finger tips and palms to make a variety of marks. They also had lots of fun mixing all the colours together! 

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This Pre-School have been flexing their green fingers in the garden! They had a look at the vegetable patch, spotting what was growing. They decided the runner beans and carrots were ready to be picked - they then gave them a wash and had them for a tasty homemade snack!

In the top garden the children were challenged to a bear hunt! That cheeky Gruffalo had hidden his teddy friend, and the children looked high and low in the different areas of the garden to find him! 


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Fire Engine Visit!

This week we had a very exciting visit from the Fire Brigade. They pulled up in the car park and all the rooms were given a chance to come visit. 

The babies sat inside, looking at the different buttons and waving at the fireman. Back inside they tried putting out their own chalk fire with water!

Kindergarten were very excited to see the fire engine pull up outside their room! They walked around the outside of it, pointing out all the different parts and what they might do. 

Pre-School talked about the fire brigade beforehand, discussing what they do and how they keep us safe. Some children even got a chance to use the hose, spraying water across the car park!

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