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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 30th August 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, there was a flurry of colour as the babies explored the multicoloured ribbons! This is a great sensory activity that also helps with physical development, as children can lift the ribbons in a bunch or pick them up individually! Some of the other children were even able to name the colours they found. Some babies have been exploring the sensory building blocks this week, picking them up and discovering the different weights, colours and sounds they make when you move them! In the other room there has been lots of exploration on the baby gym, as the children navigated the bridges, tunnels and slide. The babies developed bonds with their key people in a very fun game of hide and seek!

This week in Kindergarten, the children have been learning all about oral health. They looked at lots of different smiles that needed cleaning! As they used their toothbrush to clean their smiles, they spoke about what they do at home to keep their own teeth clean too. Out in the garden imaginations ran wild as the children played with different cardboard boxes! The children did lots of climbing in, and out, and in again…creating stories and acting out roles with their peers. Also in the garden was a gear activity, where the children carefully looked at each piece. They discovered they could fit the pieces together and make them both spin – cause and effect!

Pre-School have also been in the garden, taking it in turns to complete an obstacle course! The children used great balance and coordination to balance, jump, crawl and climb. Once each child finished the course they were congratulated and cheered on by the group! Back inside in the art studio some children explored using pipettes, which are perfect for developing fine motor skills and control. The children carefully picked up different colours of food dye and explored dripping it into milk – what amazing patterns they made! Some children also had lots of fun with the parachute this week, playing games together. A lot of games require good listening skills and turn taking, and the children showed great patience waiting for their friends to have a go!