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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 29th March 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle we have taken part in so many different Easter activities!

Nursery took part in an Egg Hunt in the roof top garden, each child having their own bucket and searching high and low for all the golden eggs. There has been lots of sensory play, getting stuck into a tray full of different textures – soft cotton wool, crispy grass and fluffy chicks! In the art studio babies have been creating pretty pastel pictures, carefully using brushes to move the paint around. Nursery also had a very special guest this week – Toffee the Bunny! The children used excellent kind hands to gently stroke the bunny, and watched him hop and explore the garden!

Kindergarten have also been on an egg hunt this week! The children ventured into the front garden and spotted all the colourful eggs hidden around. They then talked about how many they all had, and all the different colours they had found – could you make a full rainbow? In the top garden the children have been running around in the Spring sunshine using up lots of energy – they learned how to roll down the hill, forward roll and bend over to touch their toes, all amazing ways to move our bodies! Back inside some children decorated Easter biscuits, choosing from lots of pastel colours and carefully spooning the icing and toppings onto the biscuits. 

Pre-School have also been busy in the garden, taking part in an egg and spoon race! The children showed great balance and hand-eye coordination as they moved around the obstacle course. Pre-School have also spent lots of time in the art studio this week, making lots of seasonal crafts! Some children made balloon eggs, carefully wrapping string and glue around them. They waited patiently for the glue to dry and discovered that if they POP the balloon it left and egg shape – wow! Some children also made paper cup rabbits, carefully gluing on the ears, nose and twitchy whiskers to make Easter Bunnies!