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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 26th April 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been outside enjoying the spring air! They have been wrapping up warm and exploring the pushalong toys, developing their muscles and balance using their legs to move across the grass.  

Back indoors the children have been exploring the percussion toys. The children moved and shook the different instruments, and discovered the different noises they could make and how they could make them very quiet…or very LOUD!

Nursery also got stuck into a sensory tray full of coloured pasta. The children scooped it up with their hands, feeling the squidgy texture and mixing the colours together!

Kindergarten this week have been learning all about Ramadan, and celebrating through different activities. The children took part in a matching game, looking at the different moon and star shapes and matching then to the correct outline on the tray. 

Out in the garden some children have been exploring the balance beams! After running around in the top garden the children took a different pace, concentrating hard and using controlled movements to move down the beam, developing their balance and co-ordination. 

Elsewhere in the garden the children have been taking part in nature themed activities. Some children participated in some flower threading, carefully placing the stems in the different holes. Others explored crayons, rubbing it over different textures in the garden to create various patterns!

This week Pre-School have spent lots of time in the new library! The children explored lots of different activities – they particularly enjoyed the giant piano, which they could play using the stylus. The children created their own melodies and sang along to some of the ones already stored on the screen!

It’s National Gardening Week, and Pre-School have been very busy planting and growing both inside and outdoors. They took part in a shared seed planting activity, choosing which plants they wanted to grow and carefully pouring the soil and water into the pots. Whilst doing this the children talked about what we can do to help seeds grow into plants, and what they thought they would grow into!

Back inside the children have also been exploring the microscopes! Under supervision the children learned how to look through the eyepiece and talked about what they could see when they put different flowers and plants underneath it.