PS 7

W/C 25th October 2021
This Week at Coombe Dingle

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery have been getting creative with lots of Halloween themed craft! Some children used autumnal apples as stamps. The apples had wooden sticks in the top as a handle, and the children explored dipping them into paint and moving the fruit across paper making lots of different marks and patterns! Elsewhere this week children explored a sensory tray full of coloured rice and wooden shapes. The children scooped up the rice and noticed that each shape was a different colour and had beads in! They then shook each shape, making lots of noise. Babies also wrapped up warm to play in the rooftop garden this week, exploring the water toys. The children filled up the different bowls and cups and observed how the water falls and moved between them!  

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Kindergarten have been creating lots of dough monsters this week! An activity was set up with playdough, googly eyes, stencils and mark making tools. The children used their imagination to create monsters, adding eyes and using the different tools to leave marks in the dough. There was also a sticky sensory tray this week, filled with shaving foam, food colouring and toy spiders! The children set to work mixing the colours together, using a variety of of mixers, spoons and stirrers to make marks in the mixture. In the art studio some children explored the autumnal stamps, choosing different shapes to press into paint and paper to leave a variety of shapes!

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This week Pre-School have been exploring all the ways they can use pumpkins! The children took turns to scoop out the flesh inside, and decided on the different shapes they wanted the adults to carve out. Afterwards there was a science experiment as the children made fizzy pumpkins! They added bicarbonate of soda to the inside and squeezed vinegar over the top, watching as the foam bubbled up and spilled out of the holes – wow! There was also a creepy sensory activity this week, as the children tackled a tray full of frozen hands. The group talked about how they might melt the hands – some children tried the toy saws and hammers, whilst some thought pouring warm water might work too! In the art studio this week some children have been creative with pipe cleaners, using them with clay to construct spooky spiders and bugs! The children talked about the colours of pipe cleaners, and how many legs they were using for the spiders too.

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