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This Week at Coombe Dingle (W/C 24th May 2021)

This week at Coombe Dingle, Nursery got stuck into a dinosaur puzzle! The children used their hands, bowls and spoons to pour lentils into the triceratops shape – some children even ‘feeding’ the lentils to him. They also enjoyed moving the toy dinosaurs around on the tray. Out in the garden this week some babies explored a brushing activity, holding the toothpaste and brushes carefully in their hands and miming ‘brushing’ the teeth of the different animal pictures! Back inside the children discovered a farmyard sensory tray, creating lots of splashes with the ducks and moving the animals around in the mud – which some children cleverly noticed was chocolate flavoured!

Kindergarten have been learning all about fruit this week! The children looked carefully at a tray which was full of different types of fruit. They talked about the different colours they could find, if they recognised any of them by name, and if they enjoyed eating them at home! From fruits to vegetables in the art corner this week as some children explored mark making with broccoli, using it as a tool to paint with. The children chose from lots of different colours as they stamped and moved the florets around the page! Wednesday was Paper Airplane Day, so some Kindergartens looked at creating their very own flying creations. They folded the paper in different ways, and ventured up to the top garden to see if they could take off!  

This week Pre-School have had lots of farmyard fun! The children discovered an Old MacDonald sensory tray, singing along and shouting out the animals as they appear in the song. They also talked about where each animal likes to live and why, and used their hands to feel the different textures of the mud, hay and grass! Outside some children explored a cow themed activity, working in pairs to fill their pails as quickly as possible. Sophie had made very tiny holes in their glove ‘cows’, and it was very funny to see the milk shoot out in all different directions when they squeezed! After they were done the group poured all the milk into jugs to measure how much they had collected. Elsewhere this week some children took part in a shape hunt, equipped with their own tick lists to see what they could find. The children looked carefully – high and low, big and small, and found circles, squares and triangles in lots of different places!